Yadnya Kasada Ceremony time at Mount Bromo in 2016

Yadnya Kasada Ceremony time in 2016. Mount Bromo is the one icons of East Java tourism. This place always makes tourists are amazed by the beauty. So, it’s not surprise thing if mount Bromo never deserted from visitors both from local travelers and foreign tourists. And one of the most eagerly anticipated events is the Yadnya Kasada Bromo Ceremony.

Yadnya Kasada Ceremony time at Bromo was held on the fourteenth day of Kasada mounts on the hindu calendar, the Tenggerese go to Poten Bromo and ask for blessing from main deity Hyang Widi Wasa and Mahadeva, the God of Mountain by presenting annual offerings of rice, fruit, vegetables, flowers, livestock and other local produce. They will also see the examination of the medicine men memorizing prayers. The medicine man who passes the exam is chosen to be spiritual leader of Tengger tribe.

This is a rare event for tourists who go to Bromo. Especially for professional photographers, this activity can be used as an event that can be perpetuated by taking every kasada ceremony activities on.

Yadnya Kasada Ceremony time at Mount Bromo in 201

In this year, Yadnya kasada ceremony events will be held on July 20-21 2016. The series of events will start at midnight until morning at the ritual tradition of throwing offerings to Bromo crater.

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Yadnya Kasada Ceremony time at Moount Bromo in 2017